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Welcome to Our New World

Rural Community Volunteers (RCV) is a nonprofit corporation established in 2002. Its purpose is to develop action systems to address community needs, coordinate available community resources and administrate programs that will improve the quality of life of the low-income communities in the volta region of ghana. The sole purpose of Rural Community Volunteers (RCV) is to provid the best service to the people who want to enjoy a great experience by working as a volunteer in Ruralcommunities here in Ghana.
Voluntary work in Ghana can be a very rewarding activity. You will receive a warm welcome from the peopleof Ghana who are famous for their honesty and hospitality. You will also be an amazing diverse country.

Rural Community Volunteers (RCV) arranges all the necessary training to make the volunteer confident and comfortable before going to work in the field.

A Ghanaian family will be arranged for volunteers to stay with. Volunteers will be escorted by RCV staff and settled at the family and work place. Each volunteer will live with a local family as a family member of the household. The family will be given orientation on how to deal with and accommodate the guest, provide food, tea and boiled water. The meal consists of local traditional food such as dal-bhat (lentil and rice), noodles, omelet and various combinations. You will be eating what the family eats. The host family will live quite near to your work place.

Volunteers are expected to work for 2 to 5 hours a day, six days a week but there are plenty of holidays.

Mission Statement

  • To promote the development of Ghanaian.
  • Support to the rural community in terms of education and environment.
  • Raise funds for a needy children
  • Empower women through micro enterprise
  • Help in reducing HIV\AIDS menace. 


Program Fee

 Program Fees US$300 a months of volunteering period.

The program fee covers:
  • Pick up/drop at the airport
  • Administration Fees
  • Accommodation and main meal during training and placement
  • Language Course/Cultural Orientation
  • Regular support, Visit, Supervision during placement
  • Local communication from office
  • Transportation cost during sight seeing
  • Legal services
All payment have to be done at the beginning of Volunteer program, RCVGhana doesn't accept monthly installment, volunteers want to stay longer than committed period, have to inform RCVGhana and pay accordingly.

RCV Volunteer Program needs a reasonable fee for each service; please communicate directly with our program coordinator from US for any question regarding program fees.